It's a Chiller day in New Jersey
Without a doubt this was the best of the
best.  My vote went to this, hands down.

I believe this came in first.  Bravo.
And here's another winner.  These were from the Scratch built part of the contest.
Another winner ... I think.  Ah what the
heck, there all winners in my head.

You can check out all the winners at
the Chiller Theater site.

As for my page.  I'm celebrating art in
all it's glory and energy.  For everyone
who came and shared of themselves
and what they do are deserving of
praise in the highest.  Bravo everyone
and let's get on with the show...
And here we all are...
Opps.  That's me.  I'm not a
model.  Or if I am, I'm a
damn good one.  Here I am
all full of energy before the
show at 6 Am in the morn.
People being themselves and not.
The Judges and the Staff.
Some of the vendors.
Humm.  That's  me, asleep in between
while the rain poured outside.  By 2 PM
I was shot and taking a nap for an hour
sounded great to me.

"Hey ... who took the shot?"  
Why me you silly.  
It's only staged but the sleep was not.
That's me and Zacharle.  Without a doubt
he's the main reason I came to the show.  
I grew up on the guy and his lovely wife.  
That's the one he tossed jello at in her
coffin.  What a gas.
Losers ... there was none.
90 years old and still goin' strong.  
Well maybe  not strong, but still goin'

I paid $20 for his autograph and
picture.  It was the best $20 I ever
Rocky Horror girls.
Robert Culp the Eye Spy guy.
One of the Bozo fella's
Big Bird anybody.
Are the they
the real deal or what.

I think ... or what.
Now here's
the real deal.
Just there for the fun of it.
A terrific artist painter,
T shirt guy.

Basil Gogos.
Wow ... It's good to be King.
And here at the very end of the day
come Frankenwinner.  He's one of the
winner's of the modeling contest.  Way
to go Frankie.

I'd just like to say to everybody who came and did what they love
best.  You're all winners in my mind.  

So when the
blues come on stronge, say to yourself.
There's always tomorrow.  No one can steal that dream from you.

And say to yourself.  "I'd rather be modeling."

I hope my sharing was on the money for you.  It was for me.
until ...

The mad Monster Maker from the village in the middle.
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