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This website was created in 2004.
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A memorial page for my dog Pogo
who passed away November of 2011.
Latest update on our site was done June 21, 2016
the mad monster maker
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May 10th, 2015
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Josh P Crocket

Added June 21, 2016

Come see some of the pictures on my
new web page, ones that I've taken
of the wonderful animals, at the
Animal Care and Control),
in Brooklyn, New York.

That's where I volunteer, that's where
I my heart grows bigger than I am,
that's where I find things I just can't
find any place on the Earth.

Adoption ... It's unconditional ... Dogs,
Cats, they all need help, to find a  
home, to live that better day.
Animals ... How amazing they are!
Added page June 21, 2016
Scroll down to the bottom of this page, and check out what in store for you
to enjoy.  It's something I spend a whole lot of time doing in my life ...
My volunteer work.
I've created a page made up of many of the hundreds of pictures I post on
the ACC (Animal Care Center), to help get cats and dogs adopted.